ClearlineIS was founded to serve the Information Transport System (ITS) needs of clients throughout South Africa. We provide specialised ICT services and solutions for fibre optic connectivity and infrastructure environments, and combine our years of experience and industry expertise to deliver client specific solutions for our clients.

We build, connect, and enable future generation connectivity and infrastructure solutions by delivering best-fit solutions, best-of-breed technology, on-time delivery, and continuous support. Our total documentation delivery, specialised skills and strong leadership enable our clients to focus on their core business.

Optical Fibre Build

To remain competitive and improve the end-user experience, it is vital for operators in the converged mobile and fixed-line arenas to deploy high-speed, quality voice and data transmissions. An optic-fibre network provides operators with almost infinite bandwidth capacity to carry more information – voice or data – at higher speeds over greater distances using far less power than copper cables.

Metro Build

To meet the growing demands of customers for higher bandwidth connections and new triple and quadruple play and rich media services, it becomes imperative for operators to replace all or parts of the links in their broadband access network infrastructures with fibre. The ClearlineIS Ring Metro Build division focus on Gated Communities, Business parks , Spur - and Ring Builds. These are longer and more complex than access builds due civil complications and authority approvals. This include planning, approvals, design, civils , fibre build and optical services.

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Access Site Build

To complete a successful Access Site Build project demands a service provider that has expert resources in administration, planning and project management. Access Site Build can be a costly and time-consuming exercise for operators that select an inexperienced service provider.

For one, failure to provide the correct wayleave documentation can cause time delays resulting in an extended waiting period for connectivity, as well as fines for disruption of service to other providers. Additionally, an unnecessarily long route survey adds major costs to the project, while failure to plan correctly can lead to disruptions to services such as water, traffic, electricity, and base station facilities.

Infrastructure Solutions

To deploy the latest advanced technologies such as Unified Communications and Data Centre Virtualisation, it is imperative to obtain a solid physical infrastructure foundation. However, selecting the appropriate technologies that adhere to the best-practice standards and the latest environmental regulations surrounding power, cooling and space in data centres is no mean feat.

Operational Planning Office

Accurate operational planning and resource scheduling are vital element of any project to ensure that tasks are completed successfully: on-time and on-budget. ClearlineIS has a dedicated Operational Planning Office that aims to fast-track site development.

Environmental Monitoring

Downtime can have a detrimental impact on business performance. Environmental monitoring reduces the risk of downtime and time it takes to recover. Yet organisations often only monitor a fraction of the infrastructure due to limited capacity and skilled resources. As a result of only responding to the most pressing infrastructure challenges, organisations have to cope with costly downtime and frustrated end-users.

Managed Services

Managing daily operational challenges of a physical infrastructure coupled with often-frustrating multi-vendor relationships can easily deter an organisation from its core business. Opting to outsource the operational tasks of the physical environment to an expert service provider can not only drive efficiencies and performance of the infrastructure, but also free up technical resources from break-fix tasks to roles where they add value and efficiency to the business

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